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San Fernando
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San Fernando
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With settlements from the Paleolithic Age, its territories have also been known to the Phoenicians, the Carthaginians and the Romans. After the lethargy due to the Visigothics and the Arabs, there came the conquest by Alfonso X, who made it independant from Cadiz and populated it once again. Under the rule of the Ponce de León family, House of Arcos, it began to be known as Isla de León. In the XV century, Juan II gave control of the island to the Zuazo family, until the end of the XVI century when it once again passes back to the Ponce de León family. Thanks to its location, it gained great commercial and military importance, which favoured the incorporation to the Crown and its projects to change the Isla de León into an important military centre. An example of this was the creation of the Marina de la Carraca Arsenal , the construction of the new village of San Carlos and the Marina Astronomical Observatory in the XVIII century. In 1810, due to the advance of the Napoleoniic troops, it took refuge in the Government and the Courts and these, in 1813, gave it the title of city and once again the name of San Fernando.

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