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Medina Sidonia
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Medina Sidonia
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Medina has maintained a privileged position during all the periods of civilizations which have been there; from the Phoenicians, Romans (Assido Caesarina), Visigoths (head of the bishopric since the V century) to the Muslims, who turned it into the capital of the territorial division of Sidonia.

It suffered the first setback in the IX century, when the Normands attacked and destroyed it, and during the following centuries, the fights between the Caliphate and the Taifas take place.

Reconquered by Alfonso X in 1264, it constituted the great seat of military orders such as that of Santiago or the St Mary of Spain.

In 1440, Juan II hands the town over to Juan de Guzmán, third Count of Niebla and first Duke of Medina Sidonia, and in 1472, it receives the title of city by means of the Letter of Privilege of king Enrique IV.

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