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Alcalá de los Gazules
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Alcalá de los Gazules
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Its main sources of income are those of stock breeding and agriculture.

Around the town, paintings and engravings from the Neolithic period have been found in the “Laja de los Hierros”, and the remains of various civilizations. The most remarkable of these are perhaps the Roman remains such as the “Bronce de Lascuta”, which is currently on show at the Louvre museum.

In this region there is abundant game and springs with water of medicinal value. It is advisable to visit the picnic area of “El Picacho”, a mountainous nature park at a distance of 9 Kms. There we can find the “Aula de la Naturaleza”, a centre of ecological studies; a camping area in the open air, and the Montes de Propios lodge where you can spend the night.

The most outstanding of its handicrafts are those of harness making, riding boots, and the manufacture of wooden domestic utensils, such as wooden bowls, made with the wood of the Ash tree.

At the restaurants and the inns around the town, you can try the typical dishes of its gastronomy: Warm Gazpacho, Scrambled Eggs with Asparagus, and Venison.

There is also a Public swimming pool and sports facilities.

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