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Castellar de la Frontera
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Castellar de la Frontera
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In the vicinity, there are still caves with paintings such as those of del Cancho, Los Tajos and Abejera, as there are also signs of Iberian settlements and ruins of an ancient Roman road. The Arabs realized its importance and, except from two brief periods, it stayed in their hands. Old Castellarís urban area is situated within the walls of a Nazarit castle at an altitude of 250 m, and from it you can sight the African coast.

Extraordinarily preserved, its exterior perimeter has not undergone any changes, thus presenting the characteristics of the castles of the kingdom of Granada. The fortress presents an irregular walled plan, forming the walls perfectly settled on the rock, flanked by towers, and in which the town Arch and the fortress-palace stand out. Border enclave since the XII century, it was in the XV century when its area turned into the scene of the wars between Castillians and Muslims. In 1434, Juan de Saavedra, keeper of the neighboring Jimena, seizes the fortress. The formation of the new village, 8 km away, happened recently, since it was in 1971 when the inhabitants of the old village moved to this one, at the request of the National Settling Institute which built it.

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