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Paterna de Rivera
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Historical notes
Paterna de Rivera
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Since Roman times, the baths of medicinal water have been well known and appreciated. This water comes from a spring which is next to the castle that the Muslims built, also attracted to the mildness of the water and its surroundings.

After the Christian reconquest of these lands, they became the property of the Enríquez de Ribera,the lords of Alcalá de los Gazules, who from the middle of the XV century began to shape the village. In 1503, the definitive forming of the village was produced, always linked to the Ribera feudal estate and from which it was unable to be free until the beginning of the XIX century. In that century, visits to the Gogonza baths also began to increase once again, which had a positive influence on the development of Paterna.

Currently, its economy is based on agriculture and stock breeding, forming part of the Bull Route and with excellent Hispanic-Arabian horses

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