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Vejer de la Frontera
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Vejer de la Frontera
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Since the final period of the Bronze Age, when a fortified village existed, through the times of the Phoenicians, Cartaginians and the Romans, its city centre has always been within walls. The presence of the Arabs can be felt in all of the old part of the city; walled in area with urban timber framework. After an initial christian conquest in 1250, it once again passed into Muslim rule to be definitively conquered in 1262 by Alfonso X. In 1307 the village was given up to the feudal estate of the Alonso Pérez de Gúzman family. After the sale of the lands, its neighbours, who had always been dedicated to agricultural and stock breeding activities, came to know the access to the land of a large part of the village. In1877, Alfonso XII gave Vejer the title of city.

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