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Los Barrios
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Historical notes
Los Barrios
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The strategic position of Los Barrios, close to the Strait of Gibraltar, explains its early settlement which goes back to Prehistory. From this period, important samples of cave paintings are preserved, among which there is the existing site sheltered by the port of Bacinete.

After knowing the influence of the colonizing Mediterranean peoples, the current municipality of Los Barrios went through a prolonged Muslim occupation (VII-XIV centuries), thus being the scene of constant border fights.

Already under Christian dominion, it remained under the jurisdiction of the Duke’s House of Medina Sidonia during a short period, till it was handed over to the Crown in 1502. It was then when the colonization of the region was carried out, while its inhabitants dedicated themselves to essentially agricultural, cattle breeding and forest activities which were complemented by those of naval construction.

It is in the XVIII century when, on the occasion of the English occupation of Gibraltar in 1704, the village of Los Barrios as such is born. Thus, the settlement of part of the former inhabitants of Gibraltar around the Chapel of St Isidro originated a population center which, initially linked to St Roque, acquired the entity of an independent municipality in 1756.

During the first years of its existence, the urban identity of Los Barrios was gradually defined with the construction of its main buildings. At the same time, its economical structure was confirmed, based on the exploitation of the agricultural, cattle and forest resources of its area, where large estates predominated.

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