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Recently, the discovery of the Alberite Dolmen locates the origins of the village in the township of Villamartín back to the Neolithic Age. From the VIII century onwards, Muslim control became widespread. The first attempt at reconquest came from Alfonso X in 1256.

The first reference to Villamartín as a city centre dates back to 1284, when King Sancho gave these lands to Seville. It returned to Muslim power until, in 1341, it was once again taken by Alfonso XI. One year later, the king gave it to the Town Council of Sevilla in order to repopulate these lands.

Every attempt of repopulation failed due to instability of the area, and there were continuous Muslim sieges, until, at the end of the XV century it ceased to be frontier territory. The foundation of Villamartín was produced in 1503, when the Town Council of Seville decided to populate them thus giving them to roughly one hundred settlers, on a perpetual census. This agreement was to be broken years later, thus creating a dispute between the settlers and the Sevillian Town Council which lasted three centuries. The dispute was settled in 1818 in favour of Villamartínwhich, since then, has continued to concentrate on the working of its agricultural resources.

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