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In the whole municipality of Chipiona there are numerous Roman ruins. In the years 139-140 BC, a kind of lighthouse was built so that the seafarers who had to get into the Guadalquivir were able to avoid the dangerous reefs of the islet of Salmedina. This tower was described by Strabo in his Geography, giving it the name of Kaipionos Pyrgos; the like Pomponio Mela, in his Geography, quotes the Monumentum Caepionis. Chipionaís current name is derived from Turris Caepionis. Tradition has it that, when Hipona was sacked by the Vandals, St Augustínís - bishop of this African city disciples fled on a boat carrying the image of the Virgin venerated by the Saint (the current Virgin of Regla), till the sea led them to the promontory of Chipiona and they founded a monastery.

Nevertheless, the settlement developed in the centuries to come around the Salmedina rock which emerges in low tide in front of the town, a place of frequent shipwrecks.

Chipiona was conquered in 1251 by king Fernando III the Saint, becoming then patrimony of the Pérez de Guzmán family and subsequently of the Ponce de León family.

At the end of the last century, it was the Spa of the dukes of Montpensier and summer resort of aristocracy.

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