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Villaluenga del Rosario
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Villaluenga del Rosario
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In the La Manga caves numerous remains of the Neolithic Age have been found. The origins of the current village correspond to Muslim Rule. It was reconquered in 1485 by Rodrigo Ponce de León. The real development of the village was produced in the XVIII century, the moment in which it obtained the title of Noble Village and its current name is due to the dedication to its patron saint, the Virgin of Rosario. At the beginning of the XIX century, an epidemic of cholera and the French occupation, whose soldiers and burnt down the village, brought an end to the prosperity that Villaluenga had enjoyed.

Its recovery was based on agriculture, stock breeding and its forestry, which both then and now are the sources of income of Villaluenga, to which rural tourism can be currently added.

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