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Prado del Rey
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Prado del Rey
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A very important Roman settlement, dating back to the II century B.C. is that of the ruins of the city called Iptuci, at approximately 4.5 Kms. from the city centre, which preserves the remains of a great fortification. The Islamic rule remained until the middle of the XII century, when Alfonso VII attacked the village and in that way it became uninhabited.

The current village was founded by Royal Order in 1768 for the colonization of the depopulated areas in the south of Andalusia, under the reign of Carlos III and with the help of the Assistant of Seville D. Pablo de Olavide. 189 settlers who came from the mountains of Grazalema and Ronda moved in. The village began to settle in a rationally designed space, with a linear planning of its streets, which were parallel and perpendicular, and which were centred around the main public, civil and religious buildings.

It is a mainly agricultural village, and its excellent "Pajarete" wines which received a prize in the Madrid Exhibition in 1877, and its brandies must be mentioned. From the sixties its enonomy underwent a swing due to the handicraft industries and Moroccan product making, which are currently its main production

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