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Alcalá del Valle
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Alcalá del Valle
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The Muslims, expelled from Setenil in 1484, after their surrender to the Catholic Kings, settled as vassals in a nearby place called El Castillón, and they built a new fortification (Al Kalat, castle in arabic) next to the remains which were there. Due to the mistrust that they created with their fortification, they were forced to move to the valley and to establish themselves once again. In the middle of the XVI century, the Crown´s need to gain money to be able to withstand the costs of the wars forced them to sell villages and lands, one of these being Alcalá del Valle, which was acquired by D. Hernando Valdés, Archbishop of Seville and General Inquisitor. The following year, it passed into the hands of D: Diego Bernuy, Governor of Burgos, to whom the title of Major-General was given, due to his help provided to the Crown. His heir was the Marquis of Benamejí. The legal struggle began to delimit the lands belonging to the lords and the townships. The dispute begun in 1763 against the lordship of Benamejí ended in their separation and the recovery of its juristiction and rights for the people of Alcalá.

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