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Jimena de la Frontera
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Jimena de la Frontera
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Since the paintings were made in the cave of Laja Alta, some 1,000 BC ago, unique because they represent sea scenes, numerous civilisations have gone through the lands of Jimena: Libyan-Phoenician, Roman, Visigoth, Arab and Christian, of which many ruins are preserved. It is in the Roman period when the region was at its real height, due to the intensive agricultural exploitation of the plains crossed by the rivers Guadiaro and Hozgarganta. The Roman city of Oba, already founded by the Phoenicians, even minted its own money. The Arabs baptized it Ximena. It constituted an important border enclave during two centuries, first a Nazarit and then a Christian enclave. Reconquered in 1456, it was handed over to the domain of the Medina Sidonia family in 1510.

After some centuries of peace and farming and cattle breeding, the XVIII century, with the loss of Gibraltar, turns it again into a military enclave and subsequently, with the French invasion, it suffers heavy losses in its historical patrimony.

In the XIX century, it experiences a growth thanks to the lifting of the domains in 1837 and its nomination as city in 1879.

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