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Puerto Real
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Puerto Real
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At the El Retamar site we find the first signs of a human settlement corresponding to the Neolithic Age. In Roman times an important pottery production was outstanding.

After the Christian conquest of the area in the XII century, several documents speak of a depressed area, but this situation was to change after 1483 when the Catholic Kings granted, by Royal Order, the foundational Carta-Puebla (diploma containing the distribution of lands and rights) as the Royal Village of Puerto Real. The reasons for this distinguished foundation were basically the creation of a port belonging to the state, essential for the Crown among the other ports belonging to feudal estates in the Bay of Cadiz. However, it was not until the XVIII century that these projects showed any benefits.

Puerto Real developed a type of uniform city design. An arranging of criss-cross patterns and streets which are “drawn out in a straight line” and that with slight alterations are maintained until the present day.

At the beginning of the XIX century, an epidemic of the plague and the French occupation almost put an end to the village, but its recovery from the middle of the century allowed it to confront the new times and its industrialization, concentrating on the naval and ship building industries.

In 1984 it was declared a historic-artistic combination

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