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San José del Valle
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Historical notes
San José del Valle
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The origins of San José del Valle go back to the Muslim period when there was the defence emplacement of Hisn Tabul. It was conquered by the Christians at the beginning of the XIV century and the castle and the township of the Tempul were given to Jerez. During the XV and XVI centuries, its township was dedicated to stock breeding, thus remaining unpopulated. The first settlements related to the present village were due to religious foundations. In 1695 the Carmelitas Descalzos friars arrived, in search of a place of retreat. The building of a Convent (of which only the church remains, in ruins) attracted settlers to this area, even after the friars left in 1835. From 1880 onwards, thefirst quarters were formed and the Salesianos built a school after their arrival in 1908. From the nineteen fifties onwards San José del Valle became fully developed as a village and in 1995 it became the forty fourth township of the province of Cadiz.

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